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Commission : Alluria p1 by DrSGrowth Commission : Alluria p1 :icondrsgrowth:DrSGrowth 55 19 2017APR13A by mythkaz
Mature content
2017APR13A :iconmythkaz:mythkaz 22 12
[Request] Phazon Overload 3 by GamefreakDX [Request] Phazon Overload 3 :icongamefreakdx:GamefreakDX 96 9 Safe Word by Sihagen
Mature content
Safe Word :iconsihagen:Sihagen 158 12
Gravity Growth 01 by Domo-Sensei
Mature content
Gravity Growth 01 :icondomo-sensei:Domo-Sensei 187 17
Mature content
Witch Girl Giantess Growth :iconsupersufan:SuperSUfan 8 3
Dreaming Big 18 by ChampionOfTzeentch Dreaming Big 18 :iconchampionoftzeentch:ChampionOfTzeentch 41 3 Vixen Growth pg 1 by TheMisterStupid Vixen Growth pg 1 :iconthemisterstupid:TheMisterStupid 152 18 Commission: Crystal animation by L3Moon-Studios
Mature content
Commission: Crystal animation :iconl3moon-studios:L3Moon-Studios 2,876 407
POKEMON -|- LEGENDS -|- Chpt 1
A soft, golden light pierced through the drawn shades, lighting up the room. A room that was decorated from head to toe in dust and pokemon. Posters that were thrown up on the wall, displaying powerful trainers silhouetted against blinding lights, flanked by their pokemon team. Stuffed animals, including a gyarados, a ninetails and an arcanine were sprawled about on the bed, its ruffled sheets half pulled off the mattress, pokemon stickers randomly stuck up on the ceiling. And lying in the bed, practically hanging off the bed, was a young boy.
Most young trainers would stay up all night watching the ceiling as the hours ticked by on their alarm clocks, in this boy's case, a pikachu clock, waiting for the dawn to rise up over the east, and light their way to the start of a great adventure.
But no. Not Owain Spark. With half his body dripping over the edge of the bed like a melted vanilla ice cream, a line of drool drawing down to the carpet, he looked anything but awake and prepped for
:iconaarovan:Aarovan 8 0
Luna's Impossible Growth
         Luna was having a bad day. It had started with her being woken up near three to the sound of loud banging coming from the garden outside. When she had aroused herself and gotten to the garden, she had found a small black box laying in a crater in the center, no identifying marks on its surface. Picking up the box, she had taken it inside, where she was now looking at it, tiredly attempting to figure out what it was.
         She sighed. If only Celestia hadn’t left yesterday, she could have dealt with this, and perhaps Luna could have gotten more sleep.
         But dealt with this must be. Any strange, unidentified object which found itself in the Canterlot garden could be considered potently dangerous, and it was her duty to take care of it.
         So Luna poked at the box, wondering what it could possibly be. It was pitch black, about twenty-five centimeters on each s
:iconfifteen1413:Fifteen1413 55 43
Mature content
Lil Hinata's Big Day Finale :iconawesomex18:awesomex18 47 75
Lil Hinata's Big Day Pt. 5a
Please read the comments at the bottom and this little note before reading this chapter!
A note to the reader: This IS NOT the actual Part 5 of Lil Hinata's Big Day (hence it's called 5a, with the "a" standing for alternate!). This is only an alternate chapter that I made for a friend in my spare time, and I will let you all know when the real Part 5 is complete (probably won't be for a while and will definitely not be like this alternate chapter at all). I decided to post this because I haven't posted anything in a while and I was kinda bored...Plus the conclusion of my Code Geass story still isn't ready yet! It's not really what I normally like to write, but this is what he asked for (I'm not really into the whole foot thing but that's what he wanted). Hope you enjoy it!
Hinata Hyuuga. Earlier today, she was just an average girl trying to get the attention of the boy she loved. Now, only a few hours later, she had become the goddess of the entire solar system. Sh
:iconawesomex18:awesomex18 33 24
Lil Hinata's Big Day Pt. 4
Hinata had become the new Sun of the solar system; without her, the village and everything around her would eventually die due to a lack of light. As Hinata began to take in her new status, she began to worry yet again. Was she providing enough light to the planets? Or were the planets receiving too much light? What if some of the planets had secret alien life forms that survived in a certain amount of light, and Hinata caused their existence to stop because she wasn't providing enough light? The question that made Hinata worry the most was: Did the village need more light and warmth from her? Hinata finally came to a decision.
"I need to provide the entire solar system with more light. It's my duty not only as goddess of the Hidden Leaf Village, but as the core of the solar system."
Hinata began to focus her chakra once again. After her last increase, she had gained a considerable amount of chakra and all her jutsu became a lot stronger as well. She began to form the hand signs for th
:iconawesomex18:awesomex18 41 36
Lil Hinata's Big Day Pt. 3
With her 200000 mile long legs, it only took Hinata about 7 minutes to reach the Sun (Note: It takes about 8 minutes for sunlight to reach the Earth in its natural orbit). As she drew nearer to the Sun, Hinata became amazed by the enormous life-giving gas ball. She was less than half its size.
"Wow! And I thought I was big! If I was at my normal size, there would be no way I would survive this heat."
As Hinata approached the star, she wondered how she would exactly give the village, and the planet in general, more light.
"Hmmm, what should I do? I could place my right foot close to the Sun, but the planet would probably be burned to a crisp by the Sun's incredible heat. I've got to find a way to make this work."
As Hinata pondered a way to help the village receive its light, she began to feel a warm sensation traveling throughout her entire body. Since she was very close to the Sun, its rays caused Hinata's chakra flow to increase and altered her chakra network significantly. As a side
:iconawesomex18:awesomex18 48 17
Lil Hinata's Big Day Pt. 2
Hinata felt happy that she was protecting the village. "I'm so gigantic!" she
said to herself. "No one will ever be able to attack the Hidden Leaf Village
After saying this, Hinata began to worry. Was she big enough? Was she REALLY big enough to protect the village. She was big enough to exist in outer space but would the village really be safe between her toes at her current size of 1000 miles? What if enemy ninja climbed up her sandals and attacked the village?
"I'm too small!" she convinced herself. "I need to get even bigger if the
village stands any chance of survival."
Hinata focused her chakra and formed the correct hand signs.
"GIGANTO JUTSU!" Hinata yelled.
Hinata began to feel her body growing, expanding in every direction. "Don't worry
everyone, I'll soon be big enough to protect you forever! Your goddess won't let
you down!" Hinata smiled and embraced her growth.
"I have to get bigger. I NEED to get bigger, for the sake of the village."
After using her jutsu for the s
:iconawesomex18:awesomex18 45 13


any and all growth in cartoons or anime no matter how old or new it is so long as their is someone or something that becomes massive in size. please and thank you if dont mind helping.
sorry figured to have it sent out and about ignore it if you dont want to help your call
The original deviation has been deleted


United States
any and all growth in cartoons or anime no matter how old or new it is so long as their is someone or something that becomes massive in size. please and thank you if dont mind helping.


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